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This year’s Culture Day at West Thames College dazzled all in attendance with a vibrant display of cultural performances and activities.

Culture Day is an annual event that takes place at the College with the aim of showcasing and sharing the rich cultural diversity held by our students and staff.

The event was a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences, featuring a vibrant fashion show, melodious music performances, intricate henna artistry and face-painting, and culinary delights from around the world. Traditional and contemporary fashion statements took centre stage, showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures within the college community.

Director of Student Experience Samantha Louisy said that it is great to celebrate all the diverse cultures West Thames College has to offer.

She said: “Our diversity really matches both the student and staff population. Both are engaged and enthusiastic about the event, because even though we celebrate our diversity throughout the year, this is their time to put it on show.

“Many have crossed thousands of miles to be here, but the miles don’t matter, because here we respect and embrace each other’s cultures and experiences.”

Many students, like Georgi Arabov, who is studying Level 3 Creative Arts & Design, said that the thing they enjoyed the most about Culture Day was the opportunity to learn about other people’s cultures and their backgrounds.

He said: “Culture Day, to me, is important because it celebrates cultures around the world and gives students the freedom to express themselves in their own culture.”

Students were invited to immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences, complete with face painting and intricate henna artistry, promoting an atmosphere of appreciation and respect for diversity.

The culinary offerings stole the show, as students and staff enjoyed sampling a variety of delicious dishes representing a range of cuisines. From spicy curries to savoury pastries and sweet treats, the feast was a testament to the diverse culinary landscape at West Thames College.

Event organiser and Senior Student Experience Coordinator Jazz Sidhu extended her heartfelt thank you to all the enthusiastic students and staff whose dedication contributed to the event's success, reinforcing the spirit of unity and inclusivity within the college community.

This is not the only day of cultural celebrations that the college hosts, and there are many more days like this to look forward to throughout the year.

“Being conscious of our diversity is something that we are proud of, and our activities showcase it throughout the year. For example, we celebrate interfaith, and in October there is Black History Month where we place a focus on black British history.”

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