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West Thames College celebrates Black History Month

13 October 2015

October is Black History Month and West Thames College will again be celebrating the history, heritage and culture of black and ethnic minorities, recognising the contribution that the diverse Black British Community has played to science, technology, sport and British society in general.

To promote knowledge and heighten the confidence and awareness of black people in relation to their cultural heritage, we will be displaying an educational video about the history of the Black experience in Britain.  In addition the teaching staff wil be focusing on individual Black British icons linked to each curriculum area.

Ade Adeptain

 Ade Adepitan

At the age of fifteen months Ade contracted Poliomyelitis. As a result he was unable to use his left leg and only had partial use of his right leg. Ade discovered wheelchair basketball when he was twelve. From that moment Ade had one burning ambition, to win a medal in the Paralympics for Great Britain, which he achieved in 2012.



Real name Kingslee James Daley was born the son of a Jamaican father and Scottish mother, he is brother to rapper/vocalist, Ms Dynamite. Akala is an English Rapper, poet, and journalist. He began releasing music in 2003 from his own independent music label Illa State Records and was voted the Best Hip Hop Act at the Mobo Awards 2006.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Born in 1968 to Nigerian parents and raised in Camden, north London. Pocock has often said that she looked to the moon because life on earth was so hard. her parents divorced when she was four and she moved homes 13 times. She also suffered from dylexia and was put in remedial classes. 

Maggie, now a leading space scientist, is a research fellow in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies and an Honorary Research Associate in UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Neil Kenlock

Neil Kenlock

Born in 1950 and grew up in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He lived with his grandmother until 1963 when he moved to London to join his parents who were living in Brixton. In 1973, having worked for photographic studios, Kenlock became a staff photographer for one of the first black British newspapers, West Indian World.


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