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18 January 2016

Creative Scotland awarded Ellie the £15,000 to carry out the art project 'The Glasgow Effect', which will consist of her not leaving Glasgow at all for an entire year – and measuring the effect it has on her. Substantial articles, either in support of her or not, have appeared in the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Daily Mail and a host of other major newspapers.

ellie harrison asset

Ellie, who now lectures in Contemporary Art Practice at Dundee University, has become one of Britain’s leading original, political, and funniest artists and has previously done installations, performances, web projects and lectures around subjects as diverse as ‘Bring Back British Rail’, ‘Say No to Tesco’ and global warming.

She has had major exhibitions across the country including the Science Museum. She has a piece on permanent exhibition in the Wellcome Collection in London called ‘Eat 22’. This is a digital time lapse series of photographs showing everything Ellie ate for an entire year. Another installation had a crisp vending machine rigged up to the radio. The vending machine was set up with word recognition software that enabled it to dispense packets of crisps every time key words relating to the recession were voiced on the radio. These also achieved national press attention.

At West Thames we love nothing more than seeing our students achieve great things. We pride ourselves on the accomplishments of all of our students. Many of whom now have distinguished careers and are contributing to the academic, professional and socialdevelopment of their communities.

To see where your journey with us could take you, come and experience the West Thames College Effect for yourself. Register for our next Open Evening on Wednesday 3rd February from 5pm-8pm at http://www.west-thames.ac.uk/en/events/open-days.cfm.

With state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff and having been awarded “Good with ‘Outstanding’ features” in 2014, attending our open evenings is the best way to get a feel for the college. You’ll also have a chance to meet our lecturers and students and ask questions about the courses and apprenticeships we offer.

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