West Thames College London

Cisco Certified Networked Associate (CCNA)

This course consists of four ten-week modules. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to configure a LAN/WAN using Cisco equipment. The course will prepare you if you choose to take the CCNA examination, however, further study and practical experience will be necessary if you wish to gain the industry standard CCNA certification.

Key course features


West Thames College Certificate

Level: Level 3

Mode: Part-time

Start Date: 04 September 2017

Who is this course for?

Those who wish to work as network professionals.

About the course

You will study 4 modules. Each module takes 10 weeks to complete.

CCNA 1: Networking basics. Network terminology and protocols, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), open system interconnection (OSI) models, cabling, cabling tools, routers, router programming, ethernet, internet protocol (IP) addressing, and network standards.

CCNA 2: Routers and routing basics. Initial router configuration, Cisco IOS software management, routing protocol configuration, TCP/IP and access control lists (ACLs). You will learn to configure a router, manage Cisco IOS software, configure routing protocols, and create access lists controlling access to the router.

CCNA 3: Switching basics and intermediate routing. Advanced IP addressing techniques (variable length subnet masking - VLSM), intermediate routing protocols (RIP v2, single-area OSPF, EIGRP), command-line interface configuration of switches, ethernet switching, virtual LANs (VLANs), spanning tree protocol (STP), and VLAN trunking protocol (VTP).

CCNA 4: Wide area networking technologies. Advanced IP addressing techniques (network address translation - NAT, port address translation - PAT, and DHCP), WAN technology and terminology, PPP, ISDN, DDR, frame relay, network management and introduction to optical networking.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is in the form of online multiple choice tests. If you wish to take the CCNA exam you will be responsible for arranging this and for paying the exam fee.

Where next?

You can progress to the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) qualification.

Entry requirements
You should have a good understanding of computer hardware, software, and some networking skills. If you need advice before you apply, please call 020 8326 2020 or email info@west-thames.ac.uk.

Fees are per module. Sorry, no concessions are available.

How to apply?
You do not need to complete an application form for this course. However, we do need to ensure that the course is right for you. Please call us on 020 8326 2020 for an informal chat before you enrol.


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