West Thames College London

College for 14 -16 year olds in partnership with schools

Specialist Vocational Courses for 14-16 year olds, in partnership with local schools.

West Thames College specialises in vocational courses that give a real insight to the world of work and offers subjects that cannot always be studied at school.

Working in partnership with local schools, we offer access to state of the art equipment, studios and salons for vocational courses aimed at 14-16 year olds.

Working together

We want our young students to succeed and we work closely with schools and parents to ensure this happens.

We provide regular feedback with parents' evenings and progress and attendance reports, so that students, parents and the school are clear about the progress of the student.

Vocational Link Courses

These are part time courses for 14-16 year old school pupils who would like to try different subjects and gain vocational qualifications alongside their GCSEs. For more information please contact our Information Centre.

Trading Places for Year 10s

This full time course is designed for Year 10s who would benefit from studying at college rather than at school. For further information download the Trading Places guide below or contact Julie Macsorley.

Trading Places

FreshStart for Year 11s

These are full time courses for Year 11 pupils who might be more suited to a college environment than a school environment. For further information contact Julie Macsorley.

English as an Additional Language

This full time course is for students needing additional English language support. English is studied alongside a choice of vocational options.

Special Educational Needs

We can arrange customised provision to ensure that students get the best out of their full time eduaction.

How to apply

Please discuss your options with your school, then contact Beverley McGuire at West Thames College on 020 8818 6850 or email beverley.mcguire@west-thames.ac.uk.


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