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We think that our training is second to none, but don't just take our word for it!
Read what previous attendees had to say...

"The Intermediate Excel training was fantastic for learning new skills and developing existing ones. Recommend to anyone wanting to further develop their skills."

Sarah, Alfa Energy

"Handling Disciplinary and Grievances Legally was a valuable course that provided clear and practical advice and guidance."

Carrie, Nelsons

"Finance for Non-Financial Managers is very well run and gives a great induction to the Financial Sector from which to grow"

Karen, Diesel UK

"The ILM Level 3 Award in Management has given me the tools and expertise to take my management to the next level. This course is a good foundation for leadership and management."

Angelique, RHP

"The Basic Excel course is informative and friendly, providing practical and useful skills for day to day work tasks. Excellent!"

Hayley, LGC

"Excellent Training, lots for novice users and experienced users alike!"

Simon, Kerry London

From MS Office 2010 Migration course

"Marketing is a continuing process of advancement of knowledge and top up training like this ensures progress in the right direction."

Stacey, Arkadin

From Winning Business Through Marketing

"Great examples used throughout, excellent trainer"

Jennifer, TSS

From Asserting Yourself with Confidence

 "Handling Conflict is a brilliant and Interactive workshop, small group, lots learnt and I look forward to the next time!"

Kate, Impact

"Dealing with Difficult People is an extremely helpful course"

Adam, Associated Air Services

"I would recommend the Intermediate Excel course to anyone who needs a general understanding of excel."

Hannah, Brompton Bicylces

"Great Teacher and brilliant course to help develop you at work!"

Charley, White Company commenting on Intermediate Excel

"The ILM Level 3 Award in Management was a great tool to help me develop a further understanding of what is required of me in my new role. It helped structure thinking and approaches, giving greater self-confidence at work."

Mark, Brompton Bicycles

"Managing Underperformers was extremely informative with excellent use of case studies and interactive work plus feedback from other course participants"

Carrie, Shout Promotional Ltd

"Making that Sale has answered many of my questions and has given me more confidence and motivation"

Jo, Lianda Business Services

"Planning Strategically was extremely informative. Excellent for an established business such as mine. Really got me thinking strategically"

Carrie, Shout Promotional Ltd

"Winning Business Through Marketing is very informative and useful. Excellent Trainer. I will definitely be putting the points I learned into practice"

Carrie, Shout Promotional Ltd

 "The ILM Team Leading Level 2 Award is very beneficial for anyone managing a team new or old."

Phil, Arkadin UK

"The ILM Team Leading Level 2 Award is a very informative and interesting course, a great way to learn how to develop a strong and efficient team in your organisation."

Melissa, Bringing up Baby

"Everyone’s a Customer is a course with great clarity and formidable purpose."

Kevin, ICMP

"Excellent course, would definitely recommend Everyone’s a Customer to others and colleagues."

Anisha, Planesaver

"Brilliant Course, Brilliant Trainer, Brilliant method of teaching!"
- Coping with Change

Hardeep, Whitefriars Nursing

"I learnt more from the Intermediate Excel course than I expected and I enjoyed it!"

Andrew, London Graphic Centre

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Intermediate Excel course and have come away with everything I wanted to."

Jenna, Jurys Inn

"The Recruiting Professionally course (and others in this series) have enabled me to further my understanding of these processes and it will help business."

Adam, Adamson Construction

"I have attended a few IT courses here now and I feel that I’ve learned lots from each of them. Thoroughly enjoyable too."

Jenna, Jurys Inn

"Very interesting and productive with good interaction during the session." Making that Sale

Paul, Nelson Catering Equipment

"The ILM Team Leading Level 2 Award was very helpful. I learnt a lot which I can immediately apply to my work and definitely recommend this!"

Chris, Blue Legal

"These IT courses are excellent, I'm happy to recommend them."

Melvyn, Abbeyfield

"I have come away with a good understanding of how to present, ensuring my point is put over clearly" - Confident Presentations

Sean, Prime Light Electrical

"Confident Presentations has provided me with an insight into new presenting styles and the do’s and don’ts that one needs to be aware of when constructing a presentation."

Louise, Hilton London Heathrow

"I thought I was very good at managing my time and that any problems came from other people. I therefore thought the Work Smarter, Not Harder course would not be that helpful. How wrong I was! It has taught me how to deal practically with those other people in a way that both they and I are happy! – thank you."

Lindsay, ICSA

"The Strategic Planning course is very worthwhile. Everyone in a management position should attend this."

Fiona, Shaw Healthcare

"A lovely environment and great trainer. The Assertiveness course will help me create better self with belief in myself!"

Tanya, Plane Saver Credit Union

"The Assertiveness course has definitely led me to re-thinking my approach to people and how to de-escalate aggressive people"

Dawn, Shaw Healthcare

"Good pace and enthusiastic style, very informative, a lot of information in a short time. Fire Warden training is a really enjoyable and educational course."

Kim, IMPACT Outreach

"Great content and delivery, Work Smarter, Not Harder is a very worthwhile course!"

Mark, Blue Legal

"The Emergency First Aid course can make a difference to everyone. You never know when you may need to use First Aid. This course helps you gain knowledge and practical experience to help someone in need."

Rachel, Care Med Recruitment

"Very beneficial in showing new Excel techniques and how they can be applied. I strongly recommend the Intermediate Excel course to Excel users"

Samuel, Mundocom

"Finance for Non-Financial Managers is a very easy to understand course for someone with a fear of numbers and finances."

Jayne, HF MIND

"I really enjoyed the Winning Business Through Marketing course, actually made me rethink our Sales and Marketing process and how our orders are achieved and finalised, many thanks."

Bernie, Caddie Products

"Winning Business Through Marketing is an excellent course – 3 hours packed with useful Marketing Strategies which I will take away with me."

Sophie, CP Cases

"I found the Working in a Winning Team training day (bespoke training commissioned by her employer) very interesting and beneficial. The trainer was down to earth in his communication and the session was very interactive, fun and educational."

Delphi, ICMP

"Brilliant! The trainer explained everything, the Intermediate Word session was interesting and fun! Learnt some great new skills"

Fiona, Independent/Freelance consultant

"The Intermediate Excel course is well structured and delivered with considerable expertise - the trainer is knowledgable and patient and inspires confidence and is always encouraging."

George, Salisbury Jones Planning

"Making That Sale is an informative and concise course and makes sales easier!"

Mr M Singh, Albiz Security 

"Learnt a lot great tips and tricks in a very short space of time, and would definitely recommend the Basic Excel course to others!"

Sophie, CP Cases

"I would highly recommend the Intermediate Excel course, the teaching is excellent and the course content comprehensive"

Rebecca, St James Girls School

“Very useful, I learned a lot from the Health and Safety in the Workplace course”

Chris, Sofitel London Heathrow

"The Basic Excel course is an informative, well structured and presented course, which is both instructive and interesting."

George, Salisbury Jones Planning

"I would highly recommend the Intermediate Excel course, the teaching is excellent and the course content comprehensive."

Rebecca, St James Girls School

"The short IT courses are the perfect balance of content, practice and duration for busy people."

Olivera, CITAS

"The Intermediate Powerpoint course provided me with the answers I was looking for, Highly Recommended!"

Paul, Octink

"The Dealing with Difficult People course content and materials were of excellent quality and the trainer was brilliant. I do not hesitate to recommend this course to my colleagues."

Milka, TMDS

"The Advanced Word course was well presented, good value for money."

Joan, Brudenell School of English

"Everything I needed and more, the Basic Excel course covered."

Darren, London Graphic Centre

"The Making that Sale! course will definitely help our business in attracting new customers, and it gave us a better insight into our existing customers!"

Chris, Chalkface Recruitment Ltd

"For a half day course, I was extremely impressed with how much the Managing Underperformers course covered and how very relevant it was. The venue is lovely, refreshments were lovely, training was brilliantly delivered and I would highly recommend to all!"

Rebecca, Nomadic Display

"Managing Underperformers is an excellent half day course, the trainer was brilliant and we had plenty of opportunities to discuss specific issues relevant to us."

Milka, TMDS

"The First Aid course was fantastic. It provided me with everything you could want to know in a medical emergency and was taught in a fun way. Some of the best training I’ve ever had."

Naomi, Ossman Consultants Limited

"Good, thought-provoking training"

David, AHP Research

"The CIEH Food Safety training provided by West Thames College proved to be excellent. The course has made a difference to employees' confidence and increased their knowledge in food hygiene."

Spurways Foods

 "I am very impressed with the thorough nature of the course content and the warm and engaging way it was delivered. Emergency First Aid makes a real difference, highly recommended.”

Richard, Planesaver

"I walked in to Emergency First Aid clueless and left feeling confident I could save someone’s life!"

Poppy, Lady Nafisa School


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