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Recruiting Professionally: How to Prepare a Shortlist


This intensive programme covers the recruitment procedures used by market leaders and includes important advice on how to ensure that you do not inadvertently discriminate. You will learn how to make sure you have specified the position and ideal person correctly, choose the right method for attracting candidates and design and apply tests to identify quickly candidates who are not suitable. This will allow you to accelerate the screening process and draw up an effective short list for interview.

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for selecting people at any level.

How you will benefit

You will understand the process of recruitment, be able to avoid legal traps, and choose from a range of selection techniques so that you identify the right person for the right job – objectively and professionally.

What the programme covers

  • The recruitment process
  • What we need to know – job descriptions and person profiles
  • Competencies in selection
  • Legal constraints
  • Attracting the right people – which method to use?
  • Evaluating responses
  • The selection process
  • How the interview fits in
  • Testing for the right aptitudes and skills
  • Agreeing how to agree – the assessment process
  • Drawing up a shortlist

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“The course (and others in this series) have enabled me to further my understanding of these processes and it will help business.”

- Adam, Adamson Construction


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