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Managing and Motivating Performance


Management is all about getting results through people, bringing out the best in them, motivating and supporting them, and knowing what’s going on. It’s a manager’s responsibility to make sure that not only does everyone know what is expected of them, but also that individuals are properly trained and equipped to do the job.

You need to know what motivates each member of your team, and how you can adapt your behaviour to help them deliver to the best of their ability. This programme gives you practical solutions you can use now.

Who should attend?

Any manager or supervisor

How you will benefit

You will understand what is meant by satisfactory performance, how to give feedback, and be able to set motivating and challenging targets. You will be able to identify what motivates team members and know how to stimulate them to deliver.

What the programme covers

  • What is Satisfactory Performance?
  • How do we define what is acceptable?
  • Achieving a common understanding – the review processes
  • Setting performance objectives
  • Helping people achieve their objectives
  • Giving BEST feedback that is constructive and motivating
  • Understanding what motivates your team – and what doesn’t!
  • Adapting your behaviour to make the most of your people.

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