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Leading a Team


Managers at all levels can approach situations differently, whether it is a case of problem-solving, handling people, or participating in a meeting. But which way is right? Which approach or style fires up your people, and which turns them off?

This fast-moving High Impact Session will give you some real insights into how you prefer to operate - and whether you’re right!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who manages people

How You Will Benefit

You will understand the different approaches to management, when to consult and when to make that decision yourself, and learn how you can really work together as an effective team

What The Programme Covers

  • What affects your style?
  • Just how good are you at involving people?
  • Your preferred style – when to use it
  • How easy is it for you to adapt?
  • …and when should you!
  • Leading through coaching
  • What sort of a team player are you?
  • …and how does that fit in to the rest of your team?
  • Using this to get the most from meetings
  • …and to put together the ideal task groups

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