West Thames College London

Effective Influencing Skills

Overview (1 day session)

People at work are reliant on their communication and influencing skills to sell their ideas, persuade others to their viewpoint, and effectively manage relationships. These skills, once developed, can lead to improved job satisfaction, less stress and improved results.

This programme helps you to understand why people behave the way they do, and how you can significantly increase your impact and influence by developing the skills and knowledge to win a hearing and achieve your desired outcomes convincingly and professionally.    

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to improve their ability to express ideas clearly and be able to influence and persuade others.    

How will you benefit?

You will understand the ways that people can react and behave, how interpersonal communication works, how you and others prefer to view the world – and be able to overcome the differences  

What the programme covers

  • What does our organisation expect – our ‘norms’
  • How we behave naturally when meeting other people
  • Why people sometimes just don’t seem on the same ‘wavelength’
  • Recognising different communication styles and how to respond to them
  • Persuasive communication – gaining others’ agreement
  • Taking control through positive tone and body language
  • Ensuring your communication is clear, concise and easily understood
  • Understanding and developing more active and effective listening skills
  • Contributing at meetings and gaining co-operation from others
  • Asserting your views, ideas and requests with confidence
  • Enhancing your questioning skills
  • Creating a positive impression when dealing with senior colleagues and clients
  • Communicating difficult or sensitive messages
  • Handling difficult situations – and awkward people!

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