West Thames College London

Project Management

Overview (1 day session)

Successful organisations are increasingly using projects to deliver internal assignments as well as improved services and contracts to clients. Often, these projects are used to develop staff’s knowledge and experience, as well as to deliver a commercial benefit. For this to work satisfactorily, the project leader must be able to use project planning tools and co-ordinate different activities, even when he/she has no direct reports or previous experience.

Who should attend?

People selected to undertake any form of project, from organising an away day to multi-million investments.

How will you benefit?

You will learn the skills needed to understand exactly what your project is expected to deliver, identify risks, produce co-ordinated action plans, keep people informed, manage implementation, and overcome delays and difficulties.

What the programme covers

  • What is a project?
  • Projects as agents of change – and their impact
  • The project life-cycle
  • Agreeing what needs to be done
  • Feasibility and sensitivity
  • Risks and contingencies
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Planning techniques
  • Gantt charts, critical path analysis and other tools
  • Moving from planning to doing – the communication plan
  • Managing the implementation – delivering change
  • Measuring progress – milestones and critical performance dates
  • Handling typical problems
  • Agreeing when the project is complete
  • Post project evaluation.

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