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Building a Top Team


Working in a small organisation or team can be really rewarding; varied work, lots of challenge, and the opportunity to build for the future – your future. But it can easily go wrong. This intensive short programme will give you effective strategies to ensure that team members feel appreciated and conflict is avoided.

Who should attend

All those who are, or may soon be, involved in working in a small team or business environment.

How will you benefit?

You will understand what the pitfalls are, what to consider right from the outset, and develop skills in managing conflict and disagreement.

What the programme covers

  • "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" – what’s it like to work in a small team?
  • What can really get your hackles up?
  • Let’s start again – getting the fundamentals right
    1) The 3 concepts for success
    2) "Right from the start" – fair policies and procedure
    3) The team charter
    4) 8 practices of successful small teams and businesses
  • When is a team really effective and successful?
  • How you can play your part in this success – the concept of team roles
  • How a team develops and what do you need to do to move it on
  • The signs of discord – what to look out for
  • How to handle conflict – choosing the right approach
  • What would you do? – case studies

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“The course (and others in this series) have enabled me to further my understanding of these processes and it will help business.”

- Adam, Adamson Construction


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