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Appraisal Skills


Regular performance appraisal is a key tool in helping staff achieve their full potential and systematic use plays an essential part in improving everyone's performance. As a manager, you need to be able to discuss performance in detail, agree SMARTER objectives that will stretch and motivate your staff, and encourage underachievers to reach their potential. This intensive programme provides a supportive, risk-free opportunity in which to practise and develop techniques that will significantly improve how you plan and conduct your appraisals.

Who should attend?

All those who are, or may soon be, required to carry out staff appraisals.

How will you benefit?

You will develop skills in coordinating team effort, monitoring performance, and planning and conducting motivating appraisal interviews. You will feel confident in dealing with underperformance or unacceptable behaviour, and be able to coach staff towards outstanding performance.

What the programme covers

  • Why is performance appraisal essential?
  • Helping people to want appraisals
  • Being consistent
  • How to plan and prepare for interviews
  • What do we need to discuss?
  • Developing a relaxed, open style
  • Letting them speak openly — two-way communication
  • Focus on the future
  • Agreeing actions, training and development
  • Winning commitment
  • Appraising underachievers
  • Achieving continuous improvement.

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