West Thames College London

Powerpoint - Intermediate to Advanced


To create very professional presentations for clients. Some other unknown aspects of Powerpoint, such as music video work, is also looked into. Also, the course looks into presentation methods and ways of communicating with the “audience”. “The do’s and don’ts of presenting”.


  • For participants to create an involved and somewhat complex presentation very quickly and then manipulate it.
  • For participants to customise their shows and use collective animations to really “jazz” up their presentations.
  • For participants to learn how to communicate effectively to their target audience with the use of correct colours, schemes and also the communication of the speaker to the audience.

Designed for:

Candidates who are relatively happy with creating a “decent” presentation but wish to know tricks to spice up their future presentations. Especially suitable for those who attended the Intermediate course and especially those who wish to gain more confidence in presenting their material effectively.

Key Points:

  • The do’s and don’ts of PowerPoint presentations (avoiding ‘Death by PowerPoint!’)
  • More on Master Slides and backgrounds
  • Advanced custom animations
  • Screen grabs, using pictures/movies/sound clips.
  • Customising shows.
  • Setting up the projector and the presentation view.
  • All-round individual techniques for spicing up presentations.

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