West Thames College London

Powerpoint - Beginners to Intermediate


To be able to create effective screen based presentations for clients and/or staff to an intermediate degree.


  • For participants to change the look of presentation (either original or pre-created) rapidly and effectively
  • For participants to customise their presentations
  • For participants to connect to other files, programs and web sites during the course of a presentation (with the use of action buttons and hyperlinks etc)

Designed for:

Candidates who are self taught with the Powerpoint program. For those who are required to create and make presentations at work.

Key Points:

  • Creating different types of slide (Title, Content, Blank etc)
  • The Notes area
  • Entering and moving Text and Pictures
  • Getting your Logo where you want it
  • Master Slides and backgrounds
  • Slide Colour Schemes
  • Incorporating Media files
  • Jumping to other presentations, programs and web sites (hyperlinking)
  • Slide Transitions and basic transitions
  • Printing Handouts

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“The course provided me with the answers I was looking for, Highly Recommended!”

Paul, Octink


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