West Thames College London

Excel - Intermediate


For participants to learn how to enhance their use of spreadsheets in Excel through the use of functions, formulas and charts.

For participants to learn how to enter data in Excel more quickly using a variety of Excel software tools.

For participants to learn how to manipulate spreadsheets in Excel to present selected data using the Excel software tools.


  • Participants shall be able enter data quickly into a single spreadsheet and multiple spreadsheets using a variety of Excel Tools: Auto-fill, Custom Lists, Linked Data, Linked Sheets.
  • Participants shall be able to set up a spreadsheet with more basic Functions: Count, CountA, CountIf, Round, and more complex formulas: IF, LOOKUP
  • Participants shall be able to use both Absolute and Relative cell referencing in spreadsheet formulas.
  • Participants shall be able to use Excel LOOKUP tables in order to build a single formula to produce multiple results which operate on a group of arguments arranged in columns or rows.
  • Participants shall be able to present specific Data using Excel tools: Sorting and Filtering and Excel Charts

Designed for:

Excel users with an existing Basic knowledge of spreadsheets.

Key Points:

  • Entering data and more simple formulas quickly on single and linked worksheets
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Absolute and Relative Cell addressing
  • IF Function
  • Use of LOOKUP tables.
  • Use of Charts.

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"The training was fantastic for learning new skills and developing existing ones."

Sarah, Alfa Energy

"I would recommend the course to anyone who needs a general understanding of excel."

Hannah from Brompton Bicylces

"Great Teacher and brilliant course to help develop you at work!"

Charley from White Company

"I learnt more than I expected and I enjoyed it!"

Andrew, London Graphic Centre

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and have come away with everything I wanted to."

Jenna, Jurys Inn

"Very beneficial in showing new Excel techniques and how they can be applied. I strongly recommend this course to Excel users."

Samuel, Mundocom.

"I would highly recommend this course, the teaching is excellent and the course content comprehensive."

Rebecca, St James Girls School


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