West Thames College London

Excel - Basic


For participants to learn how to set up simple spreadsheets in Excel.


  • Participants shall be able to set up a spreadsheet with some simple formulas and basic Functions.
  • Participants shall be able to modify a spreadsheet
  • Participants shall be able to print the spreadsheet

Designed for:

Beginners to spreadsheets, and those who need a revision course.

Key Points:

  • The Excel screen
  • Entering data in several different Formats
  • Formatting
  • Alignment
  • Using simple formulas
  • Using AutoSum, Average, Min and Max
  • Introduction to AutoFill
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Saving and opening files
  • Printing

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"This course is informative and friendly, providing practical and useful skills for day to day work tasks. Excellent!"

Hayley, LGC

“Learnt a lot great tips and tricks in a very short space of time, and would definitely recommend this course to others!”

Sophie, CP Cases

“An informative, well structured and presented course, which is both instructive and interesting.”

George, Salisbury Jones Planning

“Everything I needed and more, the course covered.”

Darren, London Graphic Centre


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