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Excel - Advanced


For participants to learn how to use a combination of more complex functions, formulas; nested IF statements, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and LOOKUP tables.

For participants to learn how to begin to develop a personalised Interface through the creation of Active worksheet Buttons and Macros.

For participants to learn how to manipulate spreadsheets in Excel to present selected data using more Advanced Excel software tools: Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and What If analysis tools.


  • Participants shall be able to use nested IF Functions to return one of 4 possible outcomes.
  • Participants shall be able to set up a spreadsheet with active buttons that perform a series of steps with one click: Macros, Spinners.
  • Participants shall be able to use both Absolute and Relative cell referencing in spreadsheet formulas.
  • Participants shall be able to use Excel VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP tables in order to build a single formula to produce multiple results which operate on a group of arguments arranged in columns or rows.
  • Participants shall be able to present specific Data using Excel tools: Pivot Tables, Charts, and Analyse Data with ‘What if’ Tools.

Designed for:

Excel users with an existing Intermediate knowledge of spreadsheets.

Key Points:

  • Nested IF Functions
  • V LOOKUP and H LOOKUP tables.
  • Creation of Macros and Active Buttons.
  • Combining functions and formulas with buttons.
  • Data Analysis using Scenarios, Data Tables and Goal Seek.

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