West Thames College London

Winning Business through Marketing

Outline (1/2 day session)

Winning business today in a competitive market is a challenge. What exactly are you selling, to whom and why? How will you identify and reach targets, and how will you keep track of which methods and sectors are the most productive, This short, intensive session will show you how to concentrate on what needs to be done, on whom to focus your efforts, and who should do it. You will come away with some simple, practical ideas on how to manage your marketing, sales effort and your brand and be able to gauge their effectiveness.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved with or affected by product and service development, sales and client care.

How will you benefit

You will understand what is meant by marketing, be able to define your organisation’s target markets, know how to identify and attract prospective clients, and be able to make a difference.

What the programme covers

  • What is marketing?
  • The 7 Ps - how relevant are they?
  • Identifying possible clients
  • Knowing how to reach target prospects
  • Advertising and promoting – why?
  • Name awareness and lead generation
  • Keeping track of what’s going on
  • Moving towards a sale – the ‘Sales Advance’
  • Becoming more effective – identifying actions to take

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"Marketing is a continuing process of advancement of knowledge and top up training like this ensures progress in the right direction"

Stacey, Arkadin

"This programme is very informative and useful. Excellent Trainer. I will definitely be putting the points I learned into practice"

Carrie, Shout Promotional Ltd

"I really enjoyed the course, actually made me rethink our Sales and Marketing process and how our orders are achieved and finalised, many thanks."

Bernie, Caddie Products

"Excellent Course – 3 hours packed with useful Marketing Strategies which I will take away with me"

Sophie, CP Cases


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