West Thames College London

Planning Strategically

Outline (1/2 day session)

Producing a coherent and believable plan is a key requirement of a leader. We need to know and understand the forces that may influence our organisation, judge their impact and decide on what actions to take. We need to be able to explain our plan simply and with passion so that others will believe and accept it. In this short programme, you will learn how to manage the planning process, take account of risks, and produce a simple yet effective plan.

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for devising or implementing changes through business planning.

How you will benefit

On completing the session, you will be able to identify opportunities for profitable growth, use proven techniques to plan and know what actions to prioritise.

What the programme covers

  • Where to start – the basics
  • Identifying the wider context of planning for your organisation
  • Assessing external factors and risk
  • Your competitive marketplace – what is happening and what is likely to happen?
  • Your portfolio – how do you compare against others?
  • Analysing your own organisation – what are you good at?
  • Pulling it all together – what do you need to do?

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"The course was extremely informative. Excellent for an established business such as mine. Really got me thinking strategically"

Carrie, Shout Promotional Ltd

"Very worthwhile. Everyone in a management position should attend this."

Fiona, Shaw Healthcare


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