West Thames College London

Digital Communications and Marketing for Business

Outline (1 day session)

Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have become ubiquitous in our lives and increasingly businesses are using them to reach customers as well. Many companies use Twitter for customer service or have a page on LinkedIn. But how do you use these powerful tools to increase sales and improve brand awareness of your company? How can you use the digital world to reach new customers and share your company ethos?

This course will show you how social media tools like Instagram, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help potential customers find you. Learn how to write content that will bring people to your website. Help people engage with your company and keep them coming back. Understand the role of digital in your comms and marketing.

Who should attend?

Existing PR and company communications officers who want a better understanding of the digital world, or those who employ social media in business and want to use it to further their customer outreach.

How will you benefit?

Learn about the different social media sites and what they’re best for; how to use them and what sort of audiences you’ll reach. Why blog, what to blog and how to keep coming up with ideas. How to use social media to drive customers to your website, and how to use photos, videos, gifs and vines. What additional tools help you monitor your reach and impact. Understand how to use digital media as part of your comms and marketing.

What the course covers

  • Why is social media powerful? How can it add value to my business?
  • Who do I ‘follow’ and who do I want to follow me?
  • Twitter jargon: hashtag, DM, RT, MT... what does it all mean? What tools can I use?
  • Linking Twitter, Facebook and a blog to your website and using them to attract potential customers.
  • Twitter etiquette and tone – how to send the right message.
  • Why should I blog? What should I blog?
  • What's my voice, who is my audience and how do we connect?
  • LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram – making contact and the power of visuals.
  • Tools and apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, TweetReach, Analytics, Twitterfeed.
  • How to control your company image on social media.
  • Practical applications for branding and marketing in digital media.

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