West Thames College London

Coping with Change

Outline (1/2 day session)

Change is a fundamental fact of life – not just at work, but in all aspects of what you do. Some changes we can control, others just influence, and yet others we can do nothing about. So how can we cope with these, move on from them and not become destructive or cynical?

You will learn how people react differently, how you can overcome resistance in yourself or colleagues, turn ‘distress’ into a positive, and how you can build up your resilience, your ability to cope.

Who should attend?

Anyone faced with change.

How will you benefit?

You will understand how people react to change, why they resist, what can turn ‘bad’ stress into a positive, and be able to apply the six steps to coping.

What the programme covers

  • Changes at work – which can we affect?
  • Five different perspectives on change in life – which is yours?
    1) Surviving
    2) Rule-Making
    3) Competing
    4) Relating
    5) Teaching
  • What happens to people as they go through changes?
  • How do people cope now?
  • The three stages of stress – are you a cotton-wool head?
  • Good stress and bad stress
  • Turning change into a challenge
  • Identifying barriers to change in yourself and others
  • Coping with change – the six-step-to-ADULTS approach
  • Taking the Distress out of stress
  • Some situations to think about

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"Brilliant Course, Brilliant Trainer, Brilliant method of teaching!"

- Hardeep, Whitefriars Nursing


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