West Thames College London

Business Writing Skills

Outline (1 day session)

In business, communication is everything. Whether you’re sending an email, writing a letter, using a blog to attract customers or simply selling your wares via a website, the way you write sends a key message about you and the way you conduct business. Often it’s the first impression potential customers receive, and poorly written text can be extremely off-putting. This one day course will show you how to write formal and friendly communications to send the right message about your business.

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to hone their writing skills to improve their business message and increase customer interaction.

How will you benefit?

You will understand the importance of different styles and tones of communication and how to use them to make the best impression of your business, and learn to use language to encourage customers to choose the outcome you desire.

What the course covers

  • Different kinds of written communication
  • Friendly or formal? The differences and when to use them for best effect
  • The importance of tone. Or how to win customers and influence people
  • Letter vs email – when and why
  • How to deal with complaints, and how to introduce yourself to new clients
  • Email tools: signature, groups, read receipt, cc and bcc
  • Creating a letter template to save time and make a good business impression
  • How to recognise the objective of the communication and how to achieve it
  • Creating a good business style: use of planning, format, tone and call to action
  • Writing for social media
  • Practical applications.

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