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Outline (1/2 day session)

At work you are expected to deal with people at all levels, and to make things happen. Sometimes we are unhappy with the way we have behaved. Perhaps we reacted too quickly, or have been too quiet and failed to get our point of view across. This programme will help you to understand how simple it is to be more assertive and deal effectively with people at work.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to develop greater confidence and control over how they speak to others

How will you benefit?

You will develop a better understanding of how to say what you want without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. You will develop and practice skills that will boost your confidence in relation to others.

What the programme covers

  • The different types of behaviour
  • Aggressive and Passive people – what are they like?
  • Definition of Assertiveness
  • Recognising your own behaviour patterns
  • Essential Assertive techniques
  • Behaving Assertively
  • Communicating Assertively
  • Verbal Assertion
  • Non-verbal Assertion
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • …and with difficult people
  • …even the boss!
  • …and especially with customers!

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"Great examples used throughout, excellent trainer"

Jennifer, TSS

"A lovely environment and great trainer - will help me create better self with belief in myself!"

Tanya, Plane Saver Credit Union

"The Assertiveness course has definitely led me to re-thinking my approach to people and how to de-escalate aggressive people"

Dawn, Shaw Healthcare


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