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Employ an Apprentice

Are you an employer wishing to make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive? Have you considered offering apprenticeships?

The Benefits

A Cost-Effective Solution to Staff Recruitment

If your business employs less than 250 employees, you may receive a wage compensation of up to £1,500 for every apprentice aged 16-24 that you employ (subject to availability and eligibility). Training is usually free or heavily subsidised, and you won’t even have to worry about the cost (or burden) of recruitment advertising.

Mould Your Apprentice into the Perfect Employee

Your apprentice will be eager to learn and full of potential. You can nurture and mould your apprentice to suit your company’s needs. They will work alongside your experienced staff to gain on-the-job training and skills, just the way you want it. As they become fully skilled and qualified, they will become a valuable asset for your business. You could tap into their creativity too – a young person could inject fresh ideas and solutions into your business that you may not have considered before.

Do Your Bit to Help Young People

Youth unemployment is at an all-time high. By employing an apprentice you’ll be giving a young person the chance to shine – giving them the skills and experience they need to get their foot on the career ladder. As well as ticking your box for ‘corporate and social responsibility’, you’ll also be regarded as a valued employer who cares about the future of your business and the local community.

Our Services

Free Advertising and Recruitment Service

We will advertise your apprenticeship vacancies on our website (which attracts around one million visits per year) and on the National Apprenticeship Service website. We will source and select suitable candidates for you, and we will give you free use of our beautiful Spring Grove House conference rooms and facilities for interviewing shortlisted candidates.

Free Bespoke Apprenticeship Training

We offer free (or heavily subsidised) training for your new or existing staff and our training is bespoke to meet your needs.

Dedicated Support

You will be given a dedicated Account Manager who will support you every step of the way. They will tell you all about the funding and government subsidies available, identify your needs and advise you on the best recruitment and training solution for your business. They will manage everything from the initial recruitment through to the successful completion of the apprenticeship programme.

Your Commitment

As an Employer, You Will Be Expected to...

  • Employ your apprentice for a minimum of 12 months, working a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Pay your apprentices a wage – the London average is £170 p/w.
  • Agree to release your apprentice to be trained by the college as required.
  • Identify a mentor who can support your apprentices while they are at work.

The Employer Journey

8 Steps to Hiring an Apprentice

1. Discuss your needs with us
Get in touch with us. We will then arrange to meet you to discuss your recruitment and training needs. Employer Organisational Needs Analysis

2. Advertise your vacancy
We will advertise your apprenticeship vacancy on our website, on the National Apprenticeship Service website, to our existing students, and to our local partners such as schools and Jobcentre Plus. Apprenticeship New Vacancy Proforma

3. Selecting candidates
We will send you the CVs of any suitable candidates for shortlisting.

4. Interviewing candidates
You can conduct interviews either at your premises or at the college, using our Spring Grove House conference facilities, free of charge.

5. Job offer
You will offer the job to your preferred candidate and sign the relevant apprenticeship paperwork.

6. Apprenticeship training begins
The apprenticeship is delivered by the college, or by one of our specialist partners, for a minimum of 12 months. The apprentice will usually attend college for one day per week, though this may vary – please see the relevant apprenticeship factsheet on our website for more details.

7. Monitoring progress
We will send you a monthly report on your Apprentice’s progress so you can track their attendance and learning. Your Account Manager will meet with you at regular intervals, by agreement, throughout the programme giving you the opportunity to give feedback and discuss any issues. Apprentice Tracker

8. Evaluation
Once the apprenticeship programme has been completed, your Account Manager will contact you to arrange an evaluation.  We want to deliver on our promises and ensure the training we’ve delivered has had a measurable impact on your business. Impact Evaluation Form

Get in Touch

Want to find out more about Apprenticeships?

Email: apprenticeships@west-thames.ac.uk

Call: 020 8326 2078 or 020 8326 2421

Fill out the form below and one of our Account Managers will get back to you.


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