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Work Experience

Nothing compares to first hand experience.

As an employer you have the opportunity to help shape the future workforce by giving a student their first insight into the world of work.

All of our students have a career as their ultimate destination. Working with employers is an unparalleled opportunity for students to gain their first real insight into working life, helping them to make more informed decisions about future careers or study options.

West Thames College have developed this flexible Employability Programme so that whatever the size or function of your organisation, you could reap multiple benefits.

Benefits to the company

  • Work with young people, who offer fresh new ideas and can deliver projects that your company has not had the time or skills to carry out
  • Identify and train future talent to fill specific skills gaps
  • Existing employees gain supervisory and mentoring experience
  • Help to meet your CSR targets and increase involvement in the local community.

What's more, our Employability Adviser will make sure students are ready to hit the ground running.

Benefits for the student

First-hand experience is instrumental in building a student’s CV and increases their employability. Through work experience, they will gain:

  • An understanding of working life
  • Ability to make informed career decisions
  • Enhanced confidence and communication skills
  • Team building and problem solving skills.

They will also receive constructive feedback and the opportunity for professional development.

Be part of our employability programme

Work placements are full-time [Full-time courses consist of 12-16 hours study per week. International students on full-time courses must study a minimum of 15 hours per week.] for one or two weeks, giving students opportunities to gain the skills that employers need.

Internships are longer term, intensive programmes that provide experience of working in a particular role. Typically held over the summer, they are undertaken by students who know the type of job they want to do.

Student project placements are short-term work on a live project or brief. Students on relevant courses work to deliver an innovative and practical solution.

Mentoring students is one of the best ways to build their confidence and employability skills. It can also help you to create a talent pipeline into your business as well as developing the skills of existing staff.

Work shadowing involves students observing someone in the workplace to get a flavour of their responsibilities and job activities and gain a better understanding of what employment is like in a particular field.

Mock interviews allow students to practice their interview techniques. Receiving feedback from a real employer can mean the difference between students sailing or struggling through their first interviews.

Insight visits can be talks held at the college or visits to a company to make sure students have relevant, up-to-date information about industries.

Judge a challenge or competition at one of our multiple events held throughout the year. Set a stimulating challenge and provide feedback on the results. This is a great way to spot new talent.

Further information

If you are interested in our Employability Programme and would like more
details about how your company can get involved, please contact:

Martina Greeves
Work Experience, Careers and
Employability Manager
020 8326 6422


Building future workforce image

Building the workforce of the future 


“Oyin was a credit to the college and we were impressed with her preparation and confidence.” Fiona Lewis from Fidelity Insurance praising business
and AAT student Oyin Adeleye

“We were so impressed with Amy during her work placement that we decided to offer her an event management role.” Jemm Radio representative speaking about music technology student Amy Humphreys

“Wow – we are so impressed with Jonathan. He is a total star! Confident, competent and charming.” Hounslow Chamber of Commerce praising business student Jonathan Zola

“It was a pleasure to have him and his work truly was of an excellent standard.” – Mala Schneider, brightsun.co.uk, talking about ICT student Haris Khan


  1. Martina Greeves

    Work Experience, Careers and Employability Manager

    Martina Greeves

    We see our job as being about preparing our students for after they leave college, which means getting them job ready. Our work experience programme is so successful it works both ways – for students and employers. We find out specifically what employers are looking for – what qualities they want, what tasks they need people to perform. That way we know our students won’t ever just be making tea, they’ll be doing something tangible.



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