West Thames College London

Standards for Success

Students at West Thames College are very successful so we expect you to work hard to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals. To help you we have the following Standards For Success.


  • Attend every lesson
  • Be on time, every time
  • Show respect to staff and other students
  • Come ready and equipped for every lesson
  • Meet all assignment and homework deadlines.


  • Use a mobile, MP3 player or iPod in class
  • Leave your class early
  • Disrupt lessons
  • Swear in class
  • Damage college property.

Attendance and punctuality

You must attend all classes and take part in all course activities. If for any reason you are unable to attend a class or a scheduled activity, you must inform your student learning adviser or the department administrator at the earliest possible opportunity. For your absence to be authorised, you must see your student learning adviser when you return.

Students who do not attend classes regularly or punctually, fail to participate appropriately, or fail to hand in their work on time may not be entered for exams and will automatically be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Please note: You should not book holidays during term time.

Target grade

You will be set a target grade at the beginning of your course. We will support you not only to achieve, but also to exceed this target.


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