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Disability Support

We believe that all students should have fair and equal access to their chosen learning programme and all aspects of college life. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that college facilities are accessible to you and that all your learning and support needs are met.

Our booklet outlines the support available for students who have disabilities and/or learning difficulties.

If you have a physical, mental health or sensory impairment and/or learning disability, please let us know when you apply so that we can make arrangements for you.

International students

There may be limits to the type of support we can provide for international students as you will be expected to cover all of your learning costs. However many adjustments cost very little or nothing at all and we will make every effort to ensure that support is put in place. If we cannot provide the support you require you may be able to apply to charitable trusts for assistance.

Further information

For further information and advice, please download our Disability Matters booklet (see below) or contact our Director of Inclusion and Progression on +44 (0) 20 8326 2103.

Disability Matters 2016-17


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Disability Support

  1. Can I join the Disability Student Forum?
  2. Is the college fully accessible?
  3. Is there a college counsellor?
  4. Is there any help with funding if you are disabled?
  5. What specialist equipment or software is available?
  6. What support can I get?
  7. Who do I contact for dyslexia support?
  8. Will you supply a laptop (specialist equipment) if I need it?


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