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  1. Abbie Gibney

    BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism

    Abbie Gibney

    “I enjoy the lessons because they are varied; for example, we give PowerPoint presentations, do role plays and go on class trips. My Student Learning Adviser has been absolutely amazing as she has made sure that I have stayed on track. In September I will be going to university to study Events Management.”

  2. Abdishakur Osman

    BTEC Level 3 Business

    Abdishakur Osman

    “The lessons are enjoyable and interesting. The course is also really practical and there are lots of opportunities to gain experience. During the course I helped to organise an event for Cancer Research UK. I also had the opportunity to do some work experience at Boots and NatWest bank.”

  3. Adele Walsh

    City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma Hairdressing

    Adele Walsh

    “The teaching has been really good. You get one-to-one time with the teacher when you need it and you get regular feedback on your work. The environment is really friendly, relaxed and sociable and I’ve made lots of friends here. I’m now really confident in my hairdressing skills and I’m already working as a mobile hairdresser.”

  4. Agata Noszczak

    BTEC Level 3 Music

    Agata Noszczak

    “I’ve really enjoyed the live performances we’ve done as part of the course and I feel much more confident about performing on stage now. Our class is small and it’s a really friendly environment. In the future I would like to study music and composition at university and then work in composing for films.”

  5. Alina Hazraty

    Level 3 Beauty Therapy

    Alina Hazraty

    "The teaching is really good and the teachers are so helpful. Last year I did ESOL [English for speakers of other languages] support and it really improved my English. The client sessions have been really good. The practice has helped me to remember everything."

  6. Amy Laver

    Access to Nursing

    Amy Laver

    "Undertaking the Access course has been life changing for me. I feel so confident compared to when I started and am very excited for the future. I am planning to go to university to study midwifery and the support and encouragement I received on the Access course helped me to achieve two university offers which I am really proud of."

  7. Ashley Zac Coyle

    HND Specialist Makeup

    Ashley Zac Coyle

    “The tutors are industry professionals and their knowledge of the makeup industry is incredible. Throughout the two years on the course, I’ve built up lots of confidence and learned so much about makeup. I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of the makeup team for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and was selected by Greg Cannon for the United Makeup Artists Expo.”

  8. Balbir Kaur Chumber

    CPCAB Therapeutic Counselling

    Balbir Kaur Chumber

    “The course has equipped me with tools, techniques, skills and lots of theories and both tutors were supportive during the course. My future plan is to complete the Level 5 course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in September. Now that I have Level 4 under my belt it has enabled me to continue to work towards Accreditation too.”

  9. Bartosz Duszynski

    BTEC Level 2 ICT

    Bartosz Duszynski

    "I really enjoyed building a website on the course. I learnt a lot about HTML and how to design a website. After this I'm going to be doing the Level 3 course and then in the future I'd like to be either a web or app developer."

  10. Caroline Moore

    BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care

    Caroline Moore

    "The course is really diverse and I've enjoyed meeting other students of different ages and cultures. The things we've studied are varied and offer opportunities for career development."

  11. Christopher Fallon

    Professional Cookery VRQ Level 2 Diploma

    Christopher Fallon

    “The equipment is industry standard – there’s a pastry room as well as the kitchens and the teachers show you lots of different techniques using the equipment. I entered the Wessex Salon Culinaire competition in April and I won a silver medal for my chicken dish.”

  12. Christopher Pereira

    BTEC Level 3 Animation and Games Design

    Christopher Pereira

    “I really enjoyed my final project which was making a realistic kitchen image. It was great to see it from the beginning to where it is now. I’ve just started a work placement at Pinewood Studios. They’re working on a James Bond film at the moment so it’s a really cool experience.”

  13. Gabriela Kuciel

    BTEC Level 3 Art and Design

    Gabriela Kuciel

    “I really like the fact that in the first year you can try everything, and then in the second year you can decide which area to specialise in. I chose to focus on fashion design. The tutors are really good – they work with you individually and give useful technical advice.”

  14. Hamid Ibrahim

    Level 3 Animation & Games Design

    Hamid Ibrahim

    "All of the course has been good but I'm really enjoying my final major project. I've taken an image of myself and turned it into a dragon. The project includes everything I've learnt and it's a good feeling to see it finished."

  15. Harry Mossman

    City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Installation

    Harry Mossman

    “I’ve always wanted to study this subject – it’s exciting and I like learning new things. My favourite moment was working on the final project: lights, circuits and plastics conduits. It’s the result of everything I’ve studied this year and it’s really good seeing it all come together.”

  16. Jack Hampton

    IMI Level 1 Motor Vehicle Maintenance

    Jack Hampton

    “I’ve learnt a lot on this course, and I prefer it because it’s not just sitting in a classroom – you get to do lots of things and get real hands-on experience. The teaching is great. We’ve also had time to go over the skills we’ve learnt and keep practising, so I feel really confident now.”

  17. Jack Morgan-Flower

    NVQ Diploma Level 2 Plumbing

    Jack Morgan-Flower

    “I’ve had the opportunity to do some work experience at First Fix Plumbing and Cray Barwick Ltd where I learnt more about the industry. My final project was setting up a bathroom which took a month to complete. It was really tough at times but it was a really good feeling when it was finished.”

  18. Jake Champion

    Level 3 Creative Media Production

    Jake Champion

    "I would definitely recommend this course if you're someone who likes the practical aspects of filming and making productions. When I started the course I was anxious and thought, can I do this? but once I started, I began learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge."

  19. Jolita Stiklakiene

    Beauty Therapy Level 2 Diploma

    Jolita Stiklakiene

    “I was really nervous about returning to study, but now I feel so much more confident in what I’m doing. The teachers have been really fantastic, friendly, supportive and helpful. I really enjoyed the course and really love the college, so I’ve decided to come back in September to do the Level 3. I’ve had the best time at this college.”

  20. Josephine Balfour Oatts

    BTEC Level 3 Diploma Performing Arts

    Josephine Balfour Oatts

    “Coming to West Thames College was the best thing I did. I’ve had the opportunity to perform at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and in lots of plays at college too. The teachers are great – they’re really supportive and the training is really professional.” Josephine has just been awarded a place at the prestigious National Youth Theatre.

  21. Kerry Saunders

    Access to Nursing

    Kerry Saunders

    “I really enjoyed the Access course – it helped me get back into the swing of studying after six years out of education. It was a really good preparation for university. I met lots of nice people and it was fun too. I’m now studying Nursing at Bucks New University.” Kerry also won a Spirit of London award at the end of last year to recognise her achievements in education.

  22. Kevin Koroma

    BTEC Level 3 Business Studies

    Kevin Koroma

    "Business Studies is a really exciting course. It really motivates me as I want to open my own gym in the future. It's giving me all the skills and knowledge that I need to do this. The teachers are really good."

  23. Lewis Herson

    BTEC Level 3 Uniformed Public Services

    Lewis Herson

    “The teaching I've had over the past two years has been the best that I’ve had throughout my whole educational life. I plan to join the British Army. By having the qualifications from this course, it allows me to join at the rank of an officer.”

  24. Marwa Buni

    BTEC Level 3 Uniformed Public Services

    Marwa Buni

    We are proud to announce our first Warranted Officer. Marwa is an inspiration to all students.

  25. Mavneet Girn

    Professional Accounting with Business

    Mavneet Girn

    “We won the Enterprise Challenge in March which was a Dragon’s Den style competition. Because we had to present our idea in front of the ‘dragons’, I feel more confident now. I’ve also learnt more about the financial side of selling a product.”

  26. Miranda Evans

    BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production

    Miranda Evans

    “I really like the practical work on the course. This year I’ve made a trailer, filmed interviews with people, made a short film and a shopping channel scene. The teachers really help us to find work placements and gain industry experience. Recently we went to the Hounslow Volunteer Awards and worked as a film crew to cover the event.”

  27. Monuira Elgasim

    BTEC Level 2 Applied Science

    Monuira Elgasim

    "This year I really enjoyed studying physics, learning about the universe and astronomy. It's something I've studied before but not at such an advanced level. I'm going on to study the Level 3 science course and then I hope to go to university to study pharmacology."

  28. Neil Reynolds

    Level 3 Performing Arts

    Neil Reynolds

    "We do a lot of different genres so we can do anything that's thrown at us. The course has really helped me with my comunication skills and with auditioning. In April I played a main role in a TV show called T BOY on London Live. It was my first major performance and the course really helped me and gave me the confidence to do it."

  29. Nicola Pocock

    Level 2 Motor Vehicle Maintenance

    Nicola Pocock

    "I love learning new skills and meeting people to work with. The teachers are really helpful and supportive. I'm now going to do an Apprenticeship where I'm hoping to learn even more skills."

  30. Olena Kolokolova

    BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism

    Olena Kolokolova

    "I really enjoyed the course as there are lots of oppotunities for the future; I don't have just one career option but lots of possibilities. I also like the trips, there's always something new to learn. Last year we went on a trip to British Airways where we learnt more about the airline business."

  31. Oliver Clarke

    City & Guilds Carpentry & Joinery

    Oliver Clarke

    “The carpentry skills I learned at the Skills Centre were invaluable and led to me being taken on as a sub contractor by carpentry firm J L O'Rourke & Sons Ltd. I’ll always be grateful to my lecturers for helping to get my career started."

  32. Oliver Woodbridge

    Animation and Games Design

    Oliver Woodbridge

    “The equipment we are taught on is amazing with all the latest software packages. The lecturers make the lessons really interesting and you’re taught some cool skills such as 3D mapping and storyboard design.”

  33. Racheal Ruzizi

    Level 3 Professional Cookery

    Racheal Ruzizi

    "I've had good feedback from the teachers which has really helped me. I've started working at Heathrow Terminal 4 where I am able to use the skills I've learnt on the course to serve customers in the restaurant."

  34. Ruqayah Nur

    Level 3 Health and Social Care

    Ruqayah Nur

    “The teaching is so good on this course. They really help you and if you need to catch up they support you. I did two work placements earlier in the year – one in a nursery and another in a care home, and I was given a part time job as a result. It’s great because you get to practice what you’ve learnt in the classroom.”

  35. Sabina Enu-Kwesi

    Engineering student

    Sabina Enu-Kwesi

    “We get so much help and you never feel like you’re wrong – you’re just learning. I feel like I’m making progress every day and I’m getting better and better at what I do. I had the opportunity to do some work experience at British Airways in the servicing and repairs department which encouraged me to work harder to achieve my goal of becoming a civil engineer.”

  36. Sadaf Mostamandi

    ICT Level 1 with ESOL

    Sadaf Mostamandi

    “I love the course! The lecturers are very kind and supportive. In one year I’ve improved my ICT skills and my English skills and I now feel confident about progressing to the Level 2 ICT course in September. My goal is to continue on to Level 3 and eventually work in an IT company.”

  37. Salim Bekkaoui

    Barbering Level 2

    Salim Bekkaoui

    “The teachers were really great and very knowledgeable. The college is very welcoming, friendly, positive and supportive, and it’s a great environment to study in. After my course I’m going to continue working in a barber's to gain more experience and then I’m going to open my own business, which has always been my goal. Doing this course has been a big step towards achieving my goal.”

  38. Saneela Saleem

    ESOL Threshold Entry 3

    Saneela Saleem

    "The college is perfect. It's a very friendly place. I've really enjoyed working as a student ambassador. I've been able to learn new things and meet new people and improve my English."

  39. Sanny Kumar

    Nissan Apprentice

    Sanny Kumar

    “I have always been interested in 2D and 3D build, but didn’t really know how to develop my interest. Since being on the Nissan Apprenticeship I now have the know-how and hands on experience I need for my future career in Clay Modelling. Nissan is a company that drives innovative ideas and this Apprenticeship scheme is for those looking for challenge and personal growth. It offers the best of both worlds – theory and practice.”

  40. Shannon Jones

    Level 3 Sport & Leisure

    Shannon Jones

    “The atmosphere is really nice and friendly and everybody gets along. The teachers are very dedicated and they want the best for us, so they do everything they can to help. After this course, I plan to study physiotherapy at university, and my teachers have been very helpful and they’ve supported me by answering any questions I had.”

  41. Shazia Khan

    Certificate in Education

    Shazia Khan

    “The classes are enjoyable and comfortable. The tutors push you to do your best and you’re completely supported. It’s the best place to work and to study. I initially worked in a support role at the college, but from September I’m going to be teaching on the supported learning courses.”

  42. Soraia Viriato

    ESOL Threshold

    Soraia Viriato

    “The teachers are really good and the lessons are interesting. We do lots of games, activities and trips so we can practice what we’re learning. I’m finishing the ESOL [English for speakers of other languages] course this summer, but I’ll be coming back to do art and design in September. I really like the college and I’ve made lots of friends.”

  43. Susan Thapa

    BTEC Level 2 Engineering

    Susan Thapa

    "In the future, if I do well I would like to become an engineer. I'm more interested in the design side and I enjoy using CAD so I would probably specialise in this area. The good thing about the course is I can learn the basics and then choose what to specialise in later."

  44. Tara Helt

    City & Guilds Painting & Decorating

    Tara Helt

    “I’ve always been interested in DIY and the painting and decorating course really appealed, especially because I didn’t want an office job as a career! The skills I’ve been taught in wallpapering, applying paint and prep work have been invaluable and have helped me to get a head start in the industry. I’m now employed as a maintenance operative for Travelodge and couldn’t be happier.”

  45. Yusra Ahmed

    Supported Learning – Skills for Working Life

    Yusra Ahmed

    “I really enjoy the course, especially ICT, games and cooking. The teachers are really nice too. We get to go on lots of trips – we’ve been to Thorpe Park and to the Sky Skills Studio where we learned all about reporting. It was incredible!”

  46. Zainab Alamili

    BTEC Level 3 Applied Science

    Zainab Alamili

    “I really enjoy BTEC science. It’s really practical and friendly and the teachers are really good. The college isn’t too big – it’s like a family. I’ve been doing work experience at Specsavers as I really want to study Optometry at university and I’ve just been accepted by City University. I’m so happy!”

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